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GT Orchestra
Monday 4-6 PM

River Hill High School
12101 Route 108
Clarksville, 21029

GT Sinfonia
Monday 4-6 PM

Long Reach High School
6101 Old Dobbin Lane
Columbia 21045

Howard County Gifted and Talented Orchestra Program

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: MSGTO SINFONIA will be rehearsing at Dunloggin ms on Monday April 3!!!

Tuition for this year will be $275.00 and checks should be made payable to HCPSS and include the student's name, school, ID number, home address and a phone number. Checks will be accepted at the first rehearsal.

All accepted students must complete the HCPSS emergency form and bring to the first rehearsal. This form is the extended day and over night field trip - emergency procedure and health information form. Here is the page where you can download the form:

The Howard County Gifted and Talented Orchestra Program was created to enhance the orchestral experience of our students. Each orchestra is designed to meet the needs of the student who exceeds the orchestra curriculum at their grade level. In order to be aligned with the purpose of the Gifted and Talented Program the orchestras have been named GT Sinfonia and GT Orchestra.

The Sinfonia performs music one to two grade levels above the curricular standard and the GT Orchestra performs music three or more levels above the curricular standard.

The Directors (Orchestra and program director) (Orchestra) (Sinfonia) (Sinfonia)

Elementary and Middle GT Sinfonia

The Sinfonia student will demonstrate:

  • A high level of technique on their instrument
  • A high level of musical understanding
  • A high level of music reading skill
  • A maturity level that will allow for successful learning in a fast paced environment
  • Readiness for a rigorous orchestral experience

The Orchestra student will demonstrate:

  • The highest level of technique on their instrument
  • The highest level of musical understanding
  • The highest level of music reading skill
  • Orchestral experience
  • Potential for success in a mature and challenging orchestral setting

Requirement for Checks

There is a $260 yearly fee for participation in the orchestras. Please make your check payable to HCPSS and include your child's name and school on the memo line of your check. In addition, you now must include your child's school ID.

Note: All students are assigned a student ID when they enter the school system. It is on report cards, schedules, and emergency procedure cards. If you still don't know where to get it, you can call your child's school and the staff can tell you the number.

Rehearsal Days

  • The Howard County Middle School GT Orchestra will rehearse on MONDAYS, 4 - 6 pm at River Hill HS
  • The Howard County Middle School Sinfonia will rehearse on MONDAYS, 4 - 6 pm at Long Reach High School

Orchestra Policies

Rehearsals begin promptly at 4pm; therefore you must ARRIVE NO LATER THAN ten minutes before IN ORDER TO BE IN YOUR SEAT READY FOR A DOWN BEAT!

Rehearsals end promptly at 6pm and all parents must pick up their children EXACTLY on time.